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Through a spinning vortex of spiraling colors of indigo and cobalt the expression of the pained smiley face sqewealted together. it started to quote shakespeare. "Oh! Woe to me! For I got stung by a bumblebee!" Then everything got eathen by a badly drawn T-rex and everybody went down the thoart and the stomach and all the gooey stuff that live inside your body and died. Chuckles the fabbit. The foghorn and rabbit cross was very sad for the smily face sticker who died was his very best friend. He used to stick em to his binder and haave chats with him during Health class because both the smiiley sticker and the fabbit wre very disintrested in the Health teacher's endless babble of hypothermia and human reproductive oragans. Anyway, fabbit decided that the sticker could still be happy, he decided to propose to its corspe. Bending down to the dung odoredvery lumpy remidents of a sticker which had come from the droppings of the badly drawn dinosaur,fabbit slipped a ring on its poor lumpish body, the wedding was a small yet happy one. Chuckles' closest friends had come. A tin can and a picture of elvis pressly. THe preist was a TOur guide barbie who immidatly started repeating in its batterized voice about fashion topics.

okay theres a rp.
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