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The faraway light Apr. 2nd, 2004 @ 01:11 pm
The black wolfs eyes turned a bright yellow as its midnight wavy fur stood up on end. It slashed forward unsheathed claws towards the throat of the enemy. The flimsy branch beneath never shook or cracked for the wolfs weight was evenly balanced. It sensed two other strangers, licking its teeth its breaths were deep and hot. Find….kill…everything,….everyone.

She couldn't reach; darkness surrounded her, condemning her to this shadow. She screamed out loud in fury words of an incantation. Something blocked her. She remembered as soon as she fell the shadows would strip her mind of the last two words. She clenched and felt sore as she continued to scream the words she knew over and over, trying to take back the knowledge stolen. Her voice drifted out into nothingness. As she looked up for what seemed for miles was a hole, so tiny, of what seemed to be a small crack. It aggravated her, a hope so small that rarely she could ever reach. She hated it and wanted it, as hot tears drenched her checks.
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Entering Feb. 3rd, 2004 @ 04:46 pm
ok i did

one could see the shadows of the fighters, but one could not understand the meaning. Such a thick of a fog engulfed those in that forest during that night, a fog that could be cut with a blunt knife. A breeze flew about watching that fight, watching the outsider, and watching that new one, entering into a new world she was. A strange creature, evil green eyes, long sharp claws. Tall pointed ears. Apon her slender body markings of strange sorts had been placed. One could not guess where they had come, it was to much of a hazard to care. Her fur a delicate grey and black was short and folded around her like a warm blanket. Her white fangs were expected by those she new to be stained red because f the blood she had spent but they were white as the gisnt moon in the sky, a giant orb as one might compare. Yes she was one from away far away and now she was in her tree watching that fight closely.
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hi Feb. 3rd, 2004 @ 04:45 pm
did i post?
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SOOO CUTE! Jan. 25th, 2004 @ 08:36 pm

*runs over and squeezes Kersti* **MAKE HER BLUER**

I luv it it totally represents me! A cat and a sword LOL!

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Jan. 24th, 2004 @ 07:19 pm
Thee odor of spilled blood rang in thee flared nostrils of thee outsider, dipping 'is maw. 'e peered 'round. 'is flaxen optics could see through solid obejects. Two lupine femme fighting came into view...
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» Silanara
Silanara jumped up doing a front flip over the dark wolf. Her foot was caught in the teeth of the offender, but she did not take any notice. She landed on another branch and the moment her foot touched the branch she was sailing toward the other, her spined back pointed in the other's direction.
» Black shadow
She swung her claws in the direction of the enemys throut. Then swinging toward an upper branch. Still cackling, The rain drenched the black fur of the wolf showing evrey limb and dent. As she looked like a broken skleton with empty eyes.
» (No Subject)
draped among thee umbra a mascu' pads. Optics o' jaune darted venomly, from location to 'nother. Pelt was of pallid, dappled with hues of ash. A large chip engorged from 'is left aud. Lifting o' thee maw caught thee aroma o' other wolven among thee turf, arching 'is spinal cord, ebonite lips uptured and with a snarl, saliva flew at all angles
» Silanara
Silanara wrapped her tail around the branch she was standing on. As her enemy flew at her she fell bakcwards off the branch, coming up the other side and flinging herself on to a different branch. She smiled, looking back at the dark wolf with a jingle of her golden rings.

"That all you got?"

She said playfully with an evil grin. She wrapped her tail around the branch for stability.
» (No Subject)
Wh00t. Okay ready to role-play..
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