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The faraway light - ..::Roleplayers Unite::..

About The faraway light

Previous Entry The faraway light Apr. 2nd, 2004 @ 01:11 pm Next Entry
The black wolfs eyes turned a bright yellow as its midnight wavy fur stood up on end. It slashed forward unsheathed claws towards the throat of the enemy. The flimsy branch beneath never shook or cracked for the wolfs weight was evenly balanced. It sensed two other strangers, licking its teeth its breaths were deep and hot. Find….kill…everything,….everyone.

She couldn't reach; darkness surrounded her, condemning her to this shadow. She screamed out loud in fury words of an incantation. Something blocked her. She remembered as soon as she fell the shadows would strip her mind of the last two words. She clenched and felt sore as she continued to scream the words she knew over and over, trying to take back the knowledge stolen. Her voice drifted out into nothingness. As she looked up for what seemed for miles was a hole, so tiny, of what seemed to be a small crack. It aggravated her, a hope so small that rarely she could ever reach. She hated it and wanted it, as hot tears drenched her checks.
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music: I'm going under (evanesense, fallen)
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