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About RP pimp

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Once upon a time, there was a world full of life and magic and mythical creatures that could only be seen and heard through stories and children’s dreams. From dragons, elves, and knights in shining armor to prince charmings and damsels in distress—and even the stray warrior princesses. And in the end, the protagonist would fulfill his or her quest with great rewards and ride off into the sunset, blissful and happy.

However, those were mere fairy tales and the truth is not every story ends so happily. War occurs and nightmares may very well become reality. It is a continuous cycle where every single person and creature is affected directly and indirectly, and they must face the hardship that comes. Sacrifices are made, blood is shed, and loved ones are killed…

Hundreds of years ago, the main continent—excluding Chikyuu—was one vast nation founded by three siblings. The two eldest, the Brothers, evenly ruled the continent with a duel monarchy, aided by the youngest, their Sister. Eventually, the strain of ruling caused feuding between the two Brothers, climaxing into an all-out civil war. The Sister, a pacifist at heart, tried to quell the fighting and was exiled in her efforts. In the end, civil war caused the nation to spit into what is now known as Gaea and Terra.


A role play game where you come, create and live in a world all in it's own. With no set personalities and only guide lines of race and setting, you create a character that is all yours. Live in the world an interact with many others.

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